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Brighton Alcazar Medley French Wire Earrings

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Alcazar Medley French Wire Earrings
Part Number: 190868
Availability: In Stock.
These young-at-heart pieces have been loved and collected for many seasons and you'll love the newcomers just as much - including these earrings trailing 9 hearts each.

Width: 5/16"
Type: French Wire
Drop: 2 1/4"
Material: Swarovski crystal
Finish: Silver plated

We have a double coating of lacquer finish on all of our jewelry items so all you need is just a few tips to keep your jewelry looking good from season to season.
To keep it clean, just wipe down your piece with a dry 100% cotton cloth
Tuck the piece away when not wearing
Keep it away from water, jewelry cleaners, and harsh chemicals
It is not designed to be worn 24/7, so give your beautiful piece a break once in a while.

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