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Brighton Cruz Heart Compact Mirror

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Cruz Heart Compact Mirror
Part Number: 190975
Availability: In Stock.
This sweet compact mirror in the shape of a heart features exclusive nautical artwork painted by designer Lisa Spayd-Sendre then printed on luxe leather. Adorned with an anchor, one side features 2.5 times magnification -- perfect for post lunch touch ups!

-Width: 2 3/4", Height: 2 1/2", Depth: 1/4"
-Exterior Material: Leather
-Top Closure: Pressure retractable closure
-Features: 1 side 2.5 magnification

-Leather items: since this is a natural product, clean and condition regularly.
-Silver Hardware: just wipe down with a dry 100% cotton cloth, keeping it away from water or any silver cleaners.

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