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Route One Old Bay Face Mask

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Old Bay Face Mask
Part Number: 199609
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Currently, it's recommended that you wear a face mask if you're heading out in public. We've got you covered, literally, with a variety of Maryland-proud designs that are sure to make you smile. 

-Cloth design - polyester front, cotton inside. 
-Pocket in the back to add a filter (PM2.5, 4.72x3.15)
-Elastic Straps that loop around ears
-Can fit most children over 5 and adults
-Due to fast production needs, we cannot guarantee they will have white or black straps.

Route One Apparel has partnered with McCormick | Old Bay Brand to do a buy one, give one mask on this item.  For every unit sold, we are committing to donating up to 10,000 masks.  In addition, McCormick is donating their royalty portion to their charity of choice. 

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