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Toadfish Coastal Kitchen Collection

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Toadfish Coastal Kitchen Collection
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The Toadfish Coastal Kitchen Collection combines the most innovative seafood tools on the market into one set. Our patented designs make preparing coastal food easier, safer, and more enjoyable. Toadfish created the Coastal Kitchen line to enhance the coastal lifestyle and provide a connection point between what we eat and the sustainability of those resources. Our promise is that with every product sold we will replant 10 square feet of oyster beds. Healthy and abundant oyster beds are essential for the sustainability of marine ecosystems. Oysters filter the water, clean our oceans, and provide habitat for hundreds of marine species. 

Collection Includes: 

- Put 'Em Back Oyster Knife - A fresh look at ergonomics with a bent tip design and handles made from recycled plastic bottles. Opens oysters with ease. U.S. Patent No. D852005

- Frogmore Shrimp Cleaner - First of its kind tool that peels, deveins, and butterflies shrimp in one smooth motion. A perfect shrimp every time. U.S. Patent No. D846362

- Toadfish Crab Cutter - Flawlessly cuts crab shells instead of smashing them. Creates less mess and stunning presentations. Patent Pending. 

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