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Toadfish Crab & Lobster Tool Set

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Toadfish Crab & Lobster Tool Set
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The most innovative crab and lobster tools on the market in one beautifully packaged, gift-able set. Everything you need to open and enjoy fresh, hard-shelled seafood without the mess.

Tool Set Includes: 

 - 2x Shell Cutters - Flawlessly cuts shells instead of smashing them. Creates less mess and stunning presentations.Works on all species of hard shelled crustaceans: blue, stone, dungeness, rock, and lobster. Includes a built in bottle opener. Patent Pending.

- 4x Seafood Forks - A multi-use fork with a scoop on one end and a fork on the other, allowing you to pull out those hard to reach pieces of delicious meat with ease.

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