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Bryan Anthonys Reach For The Stars Choker

Color: Silver Plated
Shape Only 1 left! Shape Store pickup available

Give yourself permission to live a big life — dream big, wish big, hope big. Reach for the stars and do not set limits on what you can achieve. Protect what sets your soul on fire and be brave enough to go after it. Always remember that a dream doesn’t come true without a dreamer, an idea doesn’t happen without an imagination and magic doesn’t exist unless there is someone to believe. Always dream, always imagine and always believe. Believe in the power of your dreams, believe in the power of possibilities and above everything else, believe in yourself — you are going to accomplish incredible things.



  • Designed by Bryan Anthonys
  • Base Material: Non-Precious Alloy
  • Length: 12-16" Adjustable, Built-in Extender
  • Pendant Diameters: 4.6 – 17 mm
  • Available Finishes: 14k Gold (nickel-free) & Silver (nickel-free)


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