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T. Jazelle Red Ruby Agate Snowflake Bracelet



Red Ruby Agate Snowflake Bracelet
Red Ruby Agate Handmade Beaded Bracelet:
Known as the stone of passion and affection. Also worn for its positive and lucky qualities.

Snowflake Charm:
Falling from the sky so beautiful and pure, each Snowflake is always different yet perfect in its own way. Wear your Snowflake charm and know how beautiful you truly are.

-Each beaded Snowflake Red Ruby Agate charm bracelet is accented with two Pyrite stones worn to bring good luck and good fortune to the wearer.
-8mm stones
-Red Ruby Agate stones are natural therefore Red Ruby Agate's bracelet color may slightly vary from Red Ruby Agate bracelet to Red Ruby Agate bracelet. Each and every Red Ruby Agate bracelet is truly unique.
-Sterling silver charm