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The Cottage Greenhouse Cucumber & Honey Handcreme

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Cucumber & Honey Handcreme
Cucumber is nature’s emollient, a sparkling tonic used to soften and soothe stressed skin. Cool as a cucumber, it gives you the quenching boost your skin needs to look its healthy best.

Thick, rich, and positively addicting. Your skin will thank you! Dynamic Duo Avocado Oil & Shea Butter provide the base to our luxurious handcreme. Add to this natural emollients Jojoba Oil & Cucumber Extracts, and you have our irresistible botanic balm that absorbs quickly, soothing even the most demanding dry skin. You are left refreshed and marvelously moisturized.

Paraben Free / Gluten Free / Never Animal Tested / Sulfate Free

Box: 7" L x 2" SQ
Tube: 6" L x 2.25" W