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Swarovski Style: 5 Picks for That Extra Sparkle

Swarovski Style: 5 Picks for That Extra Sparkle

Hello, stylish ladies! At The Cottage, we understand that life keeps you busy, juggling various roles and responsibilities. That's why we've carefully selected our favorite Swarovski jewelry pieces to compliment your fabulous style.

  1. SWAROVSKI DEXTERA INTERLOCKING LOOP HOOPS: These hoops are a unique take on a classic with that extra pop of fun! The interlocking loops symbolize the interconnectedness of your life – a beautiful reminder of how everything eventually comes together.

  2. SWAROVSKI STILLA NECKLACE: The Stilla Necklace is the epitome of timeless beauty. Its delicate droplet design adds a beautiful touch of elegance to your everyday. 

  3. SWAROVSKI GINGER BANGLE:  Give any outfit a boost with our best-selling Ginger Bangle, a disc of crystal pavé for that classic Swarovski sparkle is more than just an accessory; it's a party on your wrist! 

  4. SWAROVSKI MESMERA PENDANT: The Mesmera Pendant in silver is nothing short of breathtaking.. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or adding a touch of elegance to your everyday look, this pendant is a statement piece that celebrates your individuality.

  5. SWAROVSKI COSMOPOLITAN WATCH: The Cosmopolitan Watch in blue is where style meets practicality. It's a chic timepiece that doesn't just keep you on schedule – it keeps you looking polished and put-together.

And now for the best part...

Join us in Severna Park and ONLINE for our Swarovski Soiree!

Thurs,10/26 thru Sat 10/28

Buy one piece, get 10% OFF
Buy 2 pieces get 15% OFF
Buy 3 pieces get 20% OFF

It's time to let your true sparkle shine!💎✨💁‍♀️

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