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Jewelry - Anklets

  • Pura Vida Delicate Wave Anklet

    1 color available

    Looking for an anklet that’s sure to make a splash? Then you *have* to check out our new Delicate Wave Anklet! Part of the best-selling Wave Collec...

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  • Pura Vida Original Anklet

    9 colors available

    Slightly larger than our original bracelets, your ankle can now be as stylish as your wrist! Every anklet is 100% waterproof. Go surf, snowboard, o...

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  • Bryan Anthonys Connected Delicate Paperclip Chain Anklet

    2 colors available

    Layers of You Collection — timeless layers to remind you of the endless stories that lie within. Elevate your look with the Bryan Anthonys Connecte...

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