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Sunshine On Our Mind

Sunshine On Our Mind

Vendor Spotlight: Marine Layer

You know how some clothes and accessories just make your heart happy?!  Well friends, this is one of those lines.  California based with sunshine and cool vibes, Marine Layer offers a wide variety of apparel and accessories for guys & gals and here is why people are obsessed:

So soft it's absurd:
When they say their stuff is soft, they really mean it. It's not like "oh, this feels nice" soft. It's "holy sh#% how did they make this, I'm never taking it off" soft.

Hundreds of Custom Fabrics:
Saying they’re fabric-obsessed is putting it lightly. They’ve custom-developed 100 (and counting!) fabrics in the last 10 years. They're not kidding when they say their clothes are one-of-a-kind.

Re-Spun Program: 
They're committed to keeping as many textiles out of landfills as they can. Re-Spun is how they make it happen — it starts with a tee recycling program and ends with a commitment to using recycled materials across their entire line.

Made Responsibly:
They're building a responsible and sustainable business that takes care of our community and our planet. They even publish their findings and info in an Impact Report right on their website!

Here are some of our current favs:  Sarah in bright colored Marine Layer sweaterMarine Layer Robin Dream Yarn Crop Cardigan - Warm Stripe

  Julie & Brimmer in Marine Layer vest & jacket - fun bright colorsMarine Layer Archive Nevado Puffer Vest - Bright Sun
Marine Layer Archive Apres Sunset Puffer - Navy Sun
Marine Layer San Mortiz Pom Beanie
Marine Layer Donner Stripe Pom Beanie

Marine Layer Birdseye Sweatshirt - Toasted Coconut
Marine Layer Anytime Sweatpant - Antique White
Katydid Rainbow Icon Slippers

Click here
to check out our current selection of Marine Layer...stylish, sustainable and SOFT!  You're gonna love it just as much as we do!!


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