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Bubbly: A Collection of Champagne and Sparkling Cocktails

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Bubbly is a collection of more than 60 effortlessly stunning cocktail recipes featuring the most festive bottle behind the bar--champagne!

With bright, seasonal flavors, simple techniques, and no pretense, author and photographer Colleen Jeffers shares her most irresistible sparkling cocktails, alongside quick-trick tips on topics like buying the right bottle of bubbly, keeping carbonation crisp, scoring cheap vintage glassware, and making simple syrup without a stove.

Inside this beautiful book, you will find recipes including:

- French 75--tart, light, crisp, refreshing, and arguably the best known of all vintage champagne cocktails
- Aperol Spritz--ideal for aperitivo hour
- Paloma Punch--perfect for serving a crowd
- Bubbly Mary--a modern brunch classic
- Margarita Fizz--a deceptively simple and refreshing
- Holiday Mail--a cheery seasonal favorite

Bubbly will quickly become your go-to resource for recipes that rely on fresh, easy-to-find ingredients for head turning flavor without an expert's collection of bottles and tools. With an entire chapter devoted to brunch cocktails and another to party-ready punches, it's a weapon every home cook needs in their entertaining arsenal. Inventive enough to appease the experienced cocktail creator but approachable enough for complete beginners, this book proves that a splash of champagne can make any moment a cause for celebration.


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